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Building an infrastructure that moves adults with low skills onto a career pathway.

The Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition advocates for and develops implementation strategies for improving adult literacy and the adult basic education system via a coordinated effort to:

    • Improve the quality and build the capacity of adult basic education programs.
    • Foster an adult education framework that adequately transitions learners into the workforce or post-secondary education.
    • Promote equitable access to quality education for all ages throughout the city.

As a coalition, we promote equal access to high quality, lifelong learning opportunities in order to build healthy and sustainable communities. CCLC has been working closely with 40 organizations for over 10 years.


Why is it important to have a coalition of adult education programs in Chicago?

The changing worlds of technology, career readiness and healthcare impact all of us, but for the 500,000 adults in Chicago with low basic skills these shifting landscapes present even more of a challenge. Throughout the country, literacy coalitions serve the important roles of filling in the gaps between programs and building the infrastructure of programs that serve low-skilled adults. CCLC and our members design and implement programs that create opportunities for adults to build their skills and realize their dreams.

By coming together through the coalition, adult education providers can learn from and support each other and have a stronger, unified voice in advocating for resources and improved services.

Through our work in career, technology, and health, CCLC garners resources for local programs to build their programmatic capacity. We hope you’ll join us in our mission to build Chicago adult literacy landscape – click here for more information on how to become a member today!

Our Coalitions

In one of the most segregated cities in the nation, adult literacy leaders from diverse backgrounds came together in the early 90’s to create an organization to promote adult basic education across all of Chicago. By coming together to create CCLC, each coalition (North, South, West and Hispanic Literacy Council), had a distinct voice in a broader arena. In addition to CCLC’s project, the coalitions continue to meet monthly to coordinate services, celebrate successes and share resources.

Our Impact

CCLC has been serving adult education organizations for nearly 9 years. We have expanded from a volunteer run organization to a group that works closely with workforce development organizations, the City Colleges of Chicago’s Adult Education department, the Illinois Community College board—and is beginning to coordinate with the Chicago Public School system and the Illinois Department of Human Services.

In 2016, CCLC helped 6 adult education organizations enter the digital age by distributing resources that allowed agencies to update their computer hardware and software. CCLC also trained 20 adult education providers in self-care and foundational health literacy. In total, these organizations have served over 400 adult learners across the city.

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