Advocacy Advance Retreat
August 24, 2017

Our Advocacy Advance retreat began with a presentation of the history of Adult Education and how Federal funding streams were enacted. Working through this lens of historical policy we discussed policies at our individual organizations that impact learners and then policies from the funders that impact learners. From this discussion, we moved into an activity that challenged groups to think of policies at the local, state and federal level that we could work on impacting. We categorized the policies further by outlining if the policy change could be a short-term campaign or a long-term campaign.

After lunch, we identified socioeconomic factors and barriers to education and employment that learners face. Through this exercise, we were able to see connections between the barriers and the policy campaigns we would like to work on. From there we identified allies in different areas – such as childcare, immigration, crime and mental wellness among others. These allies will be crucial to policy changes once we begin to strategize around the campaigns.

Our next immediate step is to set times and dates for sub-committee meetings. We are checking-in with other stakeholders and we will be in touch with potential meeting dates.