Advocacy Advance Retreat
August 24, 2017
Founded in the summer of 2017, the Advocacy Advance is an initiative headed by the Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition. In collaboration with cross-sector partners, the provider-informed and -led initiative develops strategies aimed at improving adult education policy addressing the needs of adult learners. Our mission is to advance adult education policy through systemic and structural changes addressing the needs of adults with low literacy skills.


  • Policy- Identifies existing barriers in adult education services
  • Advocacy Campaigns and Events- organize grassroots campaigns to support policy changes
  • Communications- responsible for raising awareness about existing campaigns through the media.


Policy Goals

Supporting transitions from adult education to postsecondary or workforce. Ensuring transportation funds and student discounts for adult learners.
Expanding access to the Childcare Assistance Program to include adult learners.
Closing the digital literacy funding gap. Working on policies that improve the relationship between adult education programs and workforce.
Increasing city funding for adult education services.
Promoting equity of funding distribution through a racial justice lens.
Advocating that adults with the lowest skills remain a priority population under WIOA.


Action Alert: Holiday Cards

This month, we are spreading holiday cheer and educating our legislators through our holiday card campaign. Here are some other ideas for what could be written in your cards:

A sentence or two about the impact you have made over the last year on students or a compelling fact about adult literacy. The Communications subcommittee has put together a list of talking points, which can be found here. The Educate and Elevate Campaign also has a helpful fact sheet, which can be found here.


  • Highlight something you have achieved through your adult education classes.
  • One or two sentences about how your classes have impacted your family.
  • Did you begin work? Discuss how your adult education classes have made that possible.

For more information, contact Dena or Jazmine.