Career Pathways Advisory Committee (CPAC)

The Career Pathways Advisory Committee (CPAC) is a group of providers, policy makers, and stakeholders with the collective mission of advancing adults with low skills along a career pathway. CPAC was created in response to the Career Pathways Programming for Lower-Skilled Adults and Immigrants: A Comparative Analysis of Adult Education Providers in High-Need Cities research project sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences. The Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition (the Coalition) along with its partners at Penn State, Houston Center for Literacy, and Miami-Dade Public Schools participated in this research-practitioner partnership to discover how adults with skills gaps access career pathways programs in those three cities. The project found that adult education organizations still needed additional supports and coordination to effectively implement a career pathways framework.

Considering the project’s preliminary research findings and recommendations, there is still a long way to go in order to standardize career pathways implementation and provide low-skilled adults with the access and supports they need to become economically successful. The responsibilities of CPAC will be to help crystalize these recommendations across the city, and create an ongoing dialogue amongst a diverse range of stakeholders to ensure that even the lowest-skilled adults do not fall through the cracks once again.

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