The research findings from the Penn State University study shed light on the barriers that adult education students face when entering onto a career pathway and motivated the Coalition to act.

In collaboration with the Pilsen Literacy Network, a group of 13 Title 2 Adult Education providers under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, the Coalition is working to bridge the gap between adult education and workforce by hiring a staff person to represent adult education at the Near West American Job Center (AJC) in Pilsen.

The Career Pathways Navigator, Robert Guzman, focuses on the two-way connections between the AJC and the Pilsen Literacy Network, including connecting adults that enter the AJC to adult education services, ensuring that adult education students are connected to the services at the AJC, and tracking referrals in both directions. Robert may be reached at or (312) 659-1520.

Pilsen Literacy Network