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Did you know that only 27% of adults with less than a high school education voted in the 2012 Presidential Election? Civic engagement varies by educational level; the more education one receives, the more likely they are to participate in our democracy. As adult learners gain literacy skills, providers can raise awareness around the importance of voting to help build learners’ political efficacy.

ChicaGO VOTE! is a comprehensive voter guide that aims to empower adult learners and community members to participate in the upcoming elections. It contains information about registering to vote, finding your polling location, your ballot options, and more. The guide walks readers through the process, making voter registration easy! The ChicaGO VOTE! tool-kit includes the guide, a customizable PowerPoint that can be used in your classrooms to discuss voting and the elections, and a social media cheat sheet to help raise awareness online. Complete the form to access the ChicaGO Vote! 2018 tool-kit.