Kathy Allison

Kathy Allison

Chair, West Side Literacy Coalition

Executive Director, United for Better Living

How has CCLC impacted the WSLC?

CCLC has been a major champion for the West Side Literacy Coalition. They recognize the need of adult literacy services on the West Side.  Programs on the West Side have been hit very hard by the budget impasse and CCLC is advocating for all of us. I can appreciate that and I’m sure others can echo that sentiment.

Tell me more about United for Better Living (UBL).

UBL meets the needs of the community by offering a wide variety of services, from afterschool programming for youth to health-and-wellness programs. Our Adult Education program serves fifty students annually through our pre-GED classes. We also want our students to see the world outside of the classroom, so we take our adult students on field trips – for example, to the public library. The program was started in 1995; we were volunteer run until we were awarded funding from the Secretary of State in 1998.

How has being a member of CCLC impacted your organization?

CCLC has impacted UBL in two areas: networking and funding. Attending meetings and fellowshipping with other service providers has been incredibly useful for us. CCLC provides avenues for organizations to network and grow.  Through collaborating with CCLC, smaller organizations can gain access to new funding streams and at the same time grow their programming in terms of quality and outcomes.  Most of the smaller organizations do not go outside of the mainstream for funding, but CCLC has guided us through the process.

What are you currently reading?

I used to be such a big reader, at one point I was reading a novel a week. Lately, I’ve just been reading requests for proposals. The other day, I read 3!