CCLC works to ensure that low-skilled adults can access Chicago’s Career Pathways framework in two ways: Research & Technical Assistance


In collaboration with the Goodling Institute for the Study of Adult Literacy at Penn State University’s College of Education, Miami-Dade County Public Schools and the Houston Center for Literacy, CCLC conducts mixed method research of Chicago’s Career Pathways system through surveys, focus groups and case studies.

The goal of this research is to explore how adult education providers in three cities integrate career pathway components, and interact with workforce development and postsecondary systems, to enable adults to access career pathways. The project will identify outcomes, promising practices, and practices in development so that peer agencies can better share knowledge to shape effective practices and policy.

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Program Design

In an effort to ensure that more adult basic education students have access and information about Chicago’s Career Pathways system, CCLC collaborates with Women Employed and Chicago Jobs Council to encourage adult education providers to use the Career Foundations curriculum and lesson plans.

CCLC also provides technical assistance to adult education organizations interested in adopting a Career Pathways framework. For more information on receiving technical assistance from CCLC on this topic, please contact Becky Raymond.