In Spring 2018, the Coalition led a technology assessment with 12 partner organizations within the Career Foundations Consortium to provide a landscape analysis of how technology is being implemented in adult education classrooms. This assessment found that:

  • Overall, providers did not indicate that their present technology was insufficient for meeting demands, but felt like an increase in hardware or connectivity would grow their capacity
  • There is a limited use of the proctored version of Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment, but those who are using it appear to have effective strategies
  • Learner access to computers at home is limited, while access to mobile phones is high
  • Maintaining learner accounts to learning software and digital tools is difficult due to learners not remember their passwords
  • While there is limited use of paid learning software, there is consistent use of free online resources

Digital Literacy Advisory Board (DLAB)

The assessment revealed the need for a Digital Literacy Advisory Board to guide best practices in technology integration. DLAB was launched in June 2018 with the goal of breaking the digital divide and bringing more technology tools into the class and beyond. CCLC, in partnership with 14 organizations, aims to bring the latest technology tools into the classroom.

Association House
Cengage Learning
Centers for New Horizons
Central State SER
Centro Romero
Chicago Public Library
City Colleges of Chicago
CrowdED Learning
Designers for Learning
Greater West Town Project
Heartland Alliance
Illinois Digital Learning Lab
Literacy Chicago
Literacy Works

Additionally, the Coalition is proud to be a participant in the Illinois Digital Learning Lab. Our Program Manager, Dena Giacometti, serves as a subject matter expert guiding adult education programs as they experiment with new digital tools and implement best practices that meet the needs of their students. Click here to learn more about the Lab.