The project builds healthy communities by providing health education and connecting families to health care providers.

Empowerment-based Health Literacy Project

The PIAAC study revealed that adults with low literacy skills are more likely to report having fair to poor health than those with higher proficiency, even when account is taken of education attainment and other background characteristics. Furthermore, individuals with low literacy have healthcare costs four times higher than those with proficient literacy skills. This information spurred the Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition’s programming in health literacy.

In the fall of 2015, CCLC began its Empowerment-based Health Literacy Project. To date, CCLC has trained 20 adult education providers in a 6-hour evidence-based curriculum that instructs learners in self-care and other health literacy topics so as to increase self-sponsorship around their health. Student participants also received a presentation from a local federally qualified Health Center (FQHC) in order to increase access to healthcare services. A total of 775 adult learners have been reached through this project.

As a continuation of the Project, CCLC has decided to move from self-care to health care. CCLC received another round of funding from the Chicago Community Trust to focus on preventative health and create deeper engagement with community-based adult literacy organizations and FQHCs. Adult education organizations across the city will be working closely with a nearby FQHC partner to develop a preventative health care curriculum for their students. Materials created through this project can be found below.

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